Wednesday – March 7th

Piano Day

Sts. Perpetua & Felicity:  interesting discussion ensued regarding the possible animals in which they suffered their martyrdom.

Footprint was "no rollerblading", regular prayers and devotions, St. Joseph, Mass Readings and Collect


  • Math-Saxon fractions and drill


  • Math-Miquon; dividing with rods and finding mixed numbers
  • Piano for about 15minutes
  • RA some Usborne Greek Myths for Young People to Seamus


  • H/W practice letter X
  • He RA to Sean-Paul

I read aloud 3 ch’s of Our Island Story while Matthias and Seamus did a US puzzle and Violet worked on her Calligraphy, Sean-Paul played quietly (a miracle!)

Off to Piano Lesson, and a picnic at the Park while Sean-Paul napped in the car and I read!

Teatime with Shakespeare:  King Lear, then read aloud some poetry from Poetry for Young People, Violet read Antony & Cleopatra, she really likes this one!

….Right After Teatime, Sean-Paul took a horrendous header into the corner of the coffee table and split his forehead open.  We immediately rushed him to the DR (daddy met us there) and he now has 4 stitches in his sweet little head.  Rest of the day was a blur, oh, we all watched The Big Six video and had popcorn, it was great.  Then somehow I managed dinner for the kids while dh did some late business with a client and then he and I had a yummy Greek Salad and Bread for dinner.  Oh what a day….


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