Tuesday – March 6th

Another good morning start, kids are getting up earlier since it’s getting closer to Spring and with so much outside time in the afternoons, they are sleeping much better!  Sean-Paul and Matthias are almost over their colds and Seamus is done with his thankfully.

Prayers, devotions and Footprint:  "no audio story today".  Mass readings and discussion.


  • Math-Saxon, doing really well with our new method, not so many problems and random selections plus drill and mental math proving to be just her thing 🙂
  • Latin-2nd page with me, good
  • History-read a ch. online of William the Conqueror-Normandy


  • Math-Subtraction drills, then Investigation 5 on computer, then reviewed with Me, he gets it!
  • Latin-2nd page
  • Poetry-recitation The Quarrell
  • Independent Reading-finished a ch of St. Dominic
  • Piano practice 1/2 hour


  • We read Treasure Box #12, Wupsy story then a few other short ones
  • Upstairs for Hill of Fire Video
  • H/W practice letter W
  • Vaccumed the stairs for me


  • Read Brown Bear to him, then Curious George
  • Moved from place to place basically wreaking havoc with what everyone else was doing, butsay with me whenever I could with him

Lunchtime RA-1 ch. of The Children’s Homer, then all outside to play and explore while I put Sean-Paul down for his nap.

Ballet and grocery shopping for me and Violet, then home to make dinner:  Tacos!


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