Monday – March 5th

Well, we did pretty good today!  Usual morning prayers, Angels, then Footprint draw.  Two as we missed Saturday again:  No night reading, do someone else’s chore.  Read Mass readings and collect, discussion.


  • Math-Saxon 1 lesson, geometric shapes, mental math
  • Latin-new lesson, copied vocab, and did page 1
  • Independent reading upstairs, St. Elizabeth and the Three Crowns


  • Latin-new lesson, 1st page.  Also reviewed last week’s exam
  • Science-Mountains narration and picture
  • Poetry-recited 1st stanza of The Quarrell, now learning 2nd stanza
  • Independent Reading, St. Dominic, narrated orally at lunch


  • Beginner’s Bible-I read aloud, he narrated and made picture; The Serpent in the Garden
  • Seamus read Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Sean-Paul, then some truck books and Curious George, very sweet brothers!
  • Coloring at the counter before lunch

Lunch time outside, a beautiful and warm day!  I think Spring really is on the way!  Got Sean-Paul down for his nap while the others finished up and played outside, then we started in on our Stained Glass Window Coloring Art and I RA 3 ch’s of Seabird, the a chapter of Little House in the Highlands

After Sean-Paul’s nap, we gathered again for Monday’s with Mary, Our Lady Star of the Sea.  What fun the kids had putting together their beautiful crafts, they turned out so well!

Outside playtime with neighborhood friends til dinner, Pretzel-crusted Chicken and yummy Pepper Slaw Salad.  Prayer time with daddy after dinner and the Ave Maris Stella, so beautiful!

Good day!


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