Weekly Game Plan Mar 4th – 8th

Our loose plan for this week and what we hope to accomplish.  We’ll try to read between 2 to 3 chapters in each of the following books.  In addition to our regular Math, Latin, Piano, Ballet, Art, Music, Poetry, Grammar and Writing, and Liturgical Year activities (Lenten).

Everyone Listens:
Our Island Story (Actual:  3 Ch’s RA)
The Children’s Homer (Actual:  1 Ch. RA)
Seabird (Actual:  5 Ch’s RA)
Little House in the Highlands (Actual:  1/2 Book)

Parables from Nature – None read
Handbook of Nature Study – previewed
The Story of the Greeks – None read
William the Conqueror – 1 Ch. read online
The Apsotles Creed – Didn’t get to this week
Saint Elizabeth and the Three Crowns – Read daily, written narr’s after each finished ch.
Classic Myths to Read Aloud – Forgot about this one
Insects by Fabre – Looked at for ideas
The Red Fairy Book – Finished on Friday, narrated orally

Thomas Burgess Bird Book – Hasn’t started yet
St. Dominic and the Rosary – Slow to finish, but close
SOTW Vol. I – Didn’t get to
Ten Commandments – Forgot this
Usborne Visual Science Encyclodpedia – Read spread on Volcanoes
Additionally:   How Mountains Are Made, A Let’s Read and Find Out Science Book

The Beginner’s Bible – 2 ch’s and narr’s and pics
Volcano Bookshelf Books – read selected
St. Patrick’s Day Basket – YES!
Coloring, Drawing – YES!
H/W practice daily – YES and finished the Alphabet, ready to start more Phonics
Math Manipulatives – Mosaic Mysteries, Patterning

I’ll keep our weekly running learning notes underneath this plan to see how much we are able to work through, a nice checklist for moi!  We’re looking forward to our week ahead!


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