Thursday & Friday – Mar 1-2

Nice couple of days to finish out the week. 


Feast of St. David, read about him and discussed.  Our Footprint draw was "extra rosary" we’ll do that with evening prayers. 

Of Note:  We’ve also been reading from the bible and adding to our Scripture Jesus Tree every evening with daddy, this has been a nice addition to our Lenten disciplines!

Let’s see, down the line…


  • Math – Saxon lesson and mixed practice, fine
  • Latin Review
  • Worked with Sean-Paul on his new chalk mat, too tricky, he still wants to eat and throw the chalk.
  • Nature drawing-signs of Spring, narration and picture
  • Read 1 ch. online Story of the Greeks


  • Piano practice first off, good half hour
  • Math -Saxon with me
  • Latin review
  • Reading-he wants to start the Ramona books, fine, also assigned him the Thomas Burgess Bird Book, he really needs to finish St. Dominic


  • I RA from The Beginner’s Bible-he dictated his narration to me and then made his picture
  • H/W letter U
  • We read another Beginner’s Bible story
  • Paper cutting at the counter

Snack time: RA Begin Seabird by Holling C. Holling; read 2 ch’s

Not much happened between snack and lunch.  Violet and Matthias narrated their readings while I fixed lunch.  Afterwards, nap/quiet time with our usual routine:  Violet RA LHP to Seamus, Matthias reads independently, then playtime for the boys and more independent reading by Violet.  This system has been working out nicely.


Started our day as we are now accustomed to with our regular morning devotions/prayers and the draw for our Footprints Chart-"water only".


  • Math – Saxon one lesson
  • Latin review and test, good job!
  • Clean out cubby and file papers in NB’s


  • Latin Review and Test, not so great, needed oral review with me first, next time we’ll drill a little better
  • Science-read about Mountains in How Mountains Are Made with Seamus
  • Clean out cubby and file papers in NB’s


  • I RA in Beginner’s Bible – no narration, just reading
  • Math at the counter-geometric shapes matching, then colored them in

Everyone listened as I read aloud for our Friday’s With the Gospels:  this week’s Transfiguration lead to a great discussion and then everyone narrated and drew their own Transfiguration pictures after studying Raphael’s work, thank you Magnifikid!!

Looking forward to the weekend!


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