Wednesday – Feb 28th – Piano Day

As usual for us on Wednesdays, Matthias has his piano lesson at noon, therefore we have a pretty quick morning to fit in whatever we can.  Matthias decided to spend the morning doing some Experiments from Janice Van Cleave’s Astronomy For Every Kid, while Violet read and wrote a portion of a narration on The Black Cricket from Handbook of Nature Study.

Alternatively, Matthias and Violet each read aloud to Seamus some Volcano books while I tried to teach Sean-Paul how to place balls into an Oatmeal Container, and then pour them into another similar but smaller container.  This is all part of indoctrinating him into some Montessori things that he can do on his Mat.  It worked pretty well, but he still just wants to throw them all around the room, or down the hall cause they make such a nice loud sound when they hit the hardwood floor ;(

I also read aloud Brown Bear, Brown Bear to him and he loves that one and will sit for it several times through!

After the experiments,  Matthias worked on two Thank-you cards that needed sending, then  it was time for hime to go.  I sent him in the car with daddy to read a chapter in SOTW and The Earth Science Book by Dinah Zike (this one’s great!)

Violet finished up copying and decorating her poem The Violet for her Poetry NB, read the last chapter in St. Therese and the Roses and wrote her last narration for it. (Need to type out for her)  She also wrote three letters to friends for daddy to mail as he was going out again for the second time today!

While Matthias was at piano, the rest of us had lunch and then quiet/nap time.  Violet RA more LHP to Seamus and then they played quietly until Matthias came home.  More playtime, then we started on our Last Supper Scene Spoon Saints.  Violet made Jesus, Matthias made a St. Paul and Seamus made a Mary.  SeanPaul did one too, very sweet.  While everyone was working, I put together the fixings for Owls Nests and we all had a yummy treat while I read aloud our new book:  Seabird  by Holling C. Holling. 

Trying something new for dinner tonight, hope it turns out.  A puff pastrything…


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