Tuesday – Feb 27th

Snowy day today!!  We’ve got about 2 inches but it looks pretty soft.  As I suspected, it’s all but melted by lunchtime, oh well, it was pretty while it lasted! 

Prayers and devotions:  Footprint today was No Computer.


  • Math- Mult/Div drills with Matthias
  • Latin- Review lessons this week
  • Religion- Apostles Creed page; "…from thence He shall come, to judge the living and the dead…" narrated and made pic for NB
  • Copywork-Song of the Travelers Joy Fairie
  • History- Read 3 ch’s of The Story of the Greeks narrrated after each to me


  • Math-Mult/Div drills with Violet
  • Latin – Review lesson and Copywork of The Table Blessing
  • History-Read The Olympians picture book, dictated his narration for me and opted for no picture


  • H/W practice; letter T
  • I RA some of his Volcano and Mountain books, we discussed
  • Math Train and Monster squeeze on computer (aagh!  Mommy forgot the sacrifice)

Snacktime brought our final two chapters RA of Winter Holiday, yeah!!  What a great series!  We enjoyed hot cocoa and cinnamon toast while I read.

Cub Scouts for Matthias today and then Ballet for Violet.


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