Monday – Feb 26th

Boys all have mini colds, pooh…Just a runny nose thing so far nothing too serious, thankfully.

Great morning start:  Prayers, Footprint draw, two today as we missed Saturday.  Reviewed our Gospel reading from Sunday and talked about todays Gospel of Matthew, "do unto others…"

We started right away with RA time on Winter Holiday, we’ve only a few chapters to go and we can’t wait to see how it all ends!!  Everyone drew pictures/colored whilst I read.


  • Nature/Science-worked on her Insects NB, a bit of decoration, drawings and front cover
  • Math-Saxon, mental math, a division drill, then some random mixed problems, breezed through.
  • Poetry-recited all of The Violet, beautiful!


  • Science-worked on the front cover of his new Earth Science NB, he’s getting really good at working his circular compass for planet and Earth drawings
  • Math- Saxon, multiplication drill, random mixed problems with me
  • Poetry-Recited Brother and Sister in full for last time and began the first stanza of The Quarrell


  • Poetry-recited first stanza of At the Seaside and beginning 2nd stanza
  • RA The Beginner’s Bible to him and afterwards he narrated and drew the first picture for his Bible Stories Book
  • Lots of playtime with Sean-Paul, Noah’s Ark and puzzles

Lunchtime RA:  Parables from Nature; The Water Cycle, evaporation, etc.

Quiet time/naptime-me computer for about 15 min, while Violet RA LHP to Seamus and Matthias did independent reading.  Violet read St. Therese and narrated. Laundry and a little reading time for MOI!

Roasted Portobella Mushroom Burgers with sweet potato fries for dinner!


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