Thursday – Washington’s B-day!

Yesterday’s Ash Wednesday Mass precluded Matthias’s piano lesson so we had it today instead.  Our morning was very fruitful and we’ve added some new elements to our morning prayer and devotion time with our new Footsteps to the Cross chart.    We began this yesterday morning with the oungest drawing first so today was Seamus’s turn.  He wa excited to draw "extra Saint" for our footstep and he immediately picked St. Patrick for our RA.

Got right into Math for the older two while Seamus worked on a birthday card for one of our close friends šŸ™‚

Read Aloud Meet George Washington while boys played and built with Legoes, narrations.


  • Math – Multiplication speed drill, then her Saon 6/5 lesson random problems
  • Latin – lesson with CD and practiced Agnus Dei and Ave Maria
  • Poetry – recited almost all of The Violet and learning the fourth and last stanza
  • Science/Nature Study – I printed off several pages of Ladybug info from some great sites; she put together a nice page with parts of the Ladybug labeled and some photos of Ladybugs.  Read How Nature Works in car at piano


  • Math – One page of Miquon; geometry and fractions
  • Latin – upstairs with CD and recited the Table Blessing and Doxology
  • Poetry – recited and finished with Brother – Sister by Lewis Carroll and chose The Quarrell for his next poem


  • Poetry – recited first stanza of At the Seaside by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • RA Mt. St. Helens Volcano book in the car at piano with me , and looked at several other books that he brought with him

Upon returning from piano we had Teatime with Boston Cream Cupcakes for our Lenten Reading and beginning our Jesus Scripture Tree.  Yesterday was The Presentation and today was The Finding in the Temple and Jesus private life.

Rest of the day, chores: bathrooms day, laundry and dh did Ballet transport while I prepared dinner.


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