Monday – President’s Day

We had a semi-holiday today, but couldn’t totally abbandon all our lovely books.  So we schooled a bit in the morning had a yummy lunch of left-over Lasagne (daddy’s!!) and went to the skateboard park for a while in the afternoon!  We are having some awesome Springlike weather, so we are taking full advantage of outdoor time!


  • Math:  A & P with rods
  • Flower Fairies Copywork (she’ made it through the Spring Fairies and beginning on the Summer Fairies)
  • Latin:  New lesson and beginning learning the Ave Maria
  • Religion:  Worked on a page for her Apostles Creed work, Inos Biffi
  • Reading:  Seton 5th grade reading – Little Pear, narrated orally


  • Made some sacrifice beads with mommy
  • Science:  Started reading for his Earth NB and narrated entry
  • Math:  Miquon – Multiplication using hundreds flats/rods/units w/ me
  • Reading:  St. Dominic

Seamus:  Worked most of the morning at the kitchen counter building a Lego dumptruck with occaisional help from Matthias

  • Read aloud How Mountains Are Made:  A Let’s Read and Find Out Science Book w/ me

Monday with Mary, making tissue paper roses for our Mystical Rose Tree!!


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