Friday – Feb 16th

Started with our Friday’s With the Gospels and kids colored their page from while I did the readings, then good discussion followed.

Poetry readings from several authors, mostly nature related, and the dc each recited the ones they are curently learning.


  • Flower Fairies Copywork page
  • Nature study:  finished ladybug entry


  • Science:  Starting Earth Science Notebook; we outlined together the elements he wants to include with some leeway for additional items.  Worked on a narration for his reading about The Sun and a picture to include in his Space NB


  • Drawing:  Volcano pics
  • Read Volcano spread in Usborne Child’s Encyclopedia w/ me
  • H/W letter R
  • Looked at the Volcano page in Natl Geo Kids Mag

Read Aloud "The Snowdrop" from A Child’s Book of Stories from Many Lands

We finished out morning with snacks and tidied up the house in preparation for our Little Flowers meeting in the morning.  The kiddos played outside before lunch while I hit the computer briefly.


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