Thursday – Feb 15th

We got a nice early start today and I gave everyone (well, the older two) the option of starting with something other than Math, big cheers and enthusiasm!

So here’s how the day shaped up:


  • History:  Read Story of the Greeks, 2 Ch.s and narrated back to me, then drew pics of the Myths
  • Math:  A & P, finished a page
  • Latin Review in her room with CD
  • Poetry:  recited three stanza’s of The Violet
  • Dictation:  chose paragraph from Flame Over Tara,perfect!


  • Science:  researched the Sun and narrated to me (need to type on computer)
  • Math:  Factor Families 1-12 with Cuisenaire rods
  • Latin Review w/ me
  • Dictation:  PLL lesson 32 "Their & There"
  • Prayer time up in his room w/ prayer book


  • H/W – letter Q and word practice
  • Drew  Volcanoes pics with Pip Squeaks
  • More drawing with pencils
  • Coloring in Alex book

Sean-Paul:  read Thomas the Tank Engine Shapes Board Book and a Curious George with me

Lunch with daddy at home today : )

After lunch we read from Handbook of Nature Study on Robins, everyone narrated and drew pictures (see Nature Post for Field Day at By Sun and Candlelight)

Naptime for S-P, Seamus had RA LHP with Violet, Matthias & Seamus built forts, Violet independent reading time, then Matthias worked on doing a flag ceremony with our old flag from the boat!!  Too fun!

Teatime RA The Children’s Homer and chocolate cheesecake leftover from Valentine’s Day!!

A little computer time then took Violet to ballet, home to make dinner and eat with the boys,while daddy picked her up! 


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