Monday – Feb 12th

We have a special visitor coming tonight, Sean-Paul’s Godmother!  We haven’t seen her since we moved last May so we’re especially excited and can’t wait for her to arrive!! 

Quick lessons in the morning, then massive house clean until after lunch!


Math- Lesson in Inequalities- Comparing Fractions and Decimals, used Hundreds Flat and Rods/Units

Latin – New Lesson, more nouns and 2nd Declension, new vocabulary

Copywork – Flower Fairies Book

Nature/Science – Sketched Ladybird and labeled parts of Insect (I still need to type her narration out)


  • Math-multiplication of single/double digits
  • Latin-New lesson; adjectives and new vocabulary
  • Science-read for entry in Space NB


  • H/W letter P
  • Math- Teens board with rods/units
  • Coloring in Alex-shapes

Monday w/Mary during lunch today, so beautiful.  Learned a lovely new prayer to the Mystical Rose!  Put our branches in a fun vase and put on out first tissue paper roses!

Finished up Seamus’s Owls Lapbook while Violet worked on some needle work.

Easy dinner tonight with our guest:  Lemon Chicken over Penne and Greek Salad, Crusty Bread!


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