Thursday – Feb 8th

Big kids up and eating breakfast before I was even up!  Chores and started table time independently!! (I hope this is a trend 😉 )


  • Math
  • Latin
  • Religion
  • Copywork
  • Science/New Nature NB – Insects (more at main blog, re:  "A CM Term for Violet")
  • Lunch


  • Math
  • Latin review w/me
  • Religion – read in Religion FYC and made prayer book page
  • Copywork – from James Herriot’s Treasury; Moses the Kitten
  • Cub Scouts – working on Elective Achievments
  • Lunch


  • H/W letter "N"
  • Colored in Alex
  • played with Sean-Paul til Lunch

Sean-Paul:  he’s definatley feeling better, played very well with Seamus and me on the floor most of the morning!

Lunch, then everyone upstairs for reading:  Seamus and Violet LHP, Matthias St. Dominic and I put Sean-Paul down for his nap!  RA Our Island Story in the bonus room and afterwards a bit of computer time for me while the kids watched the Our Lady of Lourdes video.

Matthias narrated his Venus reading from the Visual Encyclopedia of Science, and then showed the book to Seamus for a while. 

Outside time for everyone!!

No teatime today,  got grocery list together then took Violet to Ballet and Sean-Paul and I did the shopping, back home to make dinner while daddy did the return pick-up at Ballet!


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