Wednesday – Feb 7th

Piano day is always a quick morning and then re-group upon returning home, having lunch and finishing what we didn’t get to in the morning.  The kids hopped to it pretty well and I let them choose what they wanted to work on in the morning as long as one of the items included Math 🙂


  • Math – Worked with Matthias on Place Value using Cubes, Flats, Rods and Units, they had to be creative for numbers over the Thousands Cube and work up to a million.
  • Latin; 2nd page, 2nd declension, derivatives, etc.
  • Flower Fairies Copywork
  • Little Flowers NB, working on finishing her St. Agnes page for this weekend’s meeting!


  • Math – Worked with Violet; see above
  • Cub Scouts Manual, working on his electives
  • Drew and colored Venus picture for his Space NB
  • Quick piano warm-up before leaving for his lesson


  • Handwriting letter "M"
  • Coloring in Alex book
  • Rainforest Block Puzzle, he worked on the Orangutan & Toucan, I showed him ow I lamenated the control cards with the names of the animals on the back so he could start recognizing the animal words!

And off we go to piano.  Quick Starbucks stop, stop at the bank, let Violet and Seamus play at a nearby park while Sean-Paul snoozed away the hour, then back to pick-up Matthias and back home!

Afternoon was good for RA at Teatime, finished up the Lamb Shakespeare version of A Winter’s Tale!!  Outside playtime, tidy up time and then dinner:  Baked Chicken and Sweet potatoes!


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