Monday – Tuesday Feb 5 & 6


Beginning of the week blues for a few of us.  Kids all still a bit sick, Sean-Paul feeling pretty bad, 😦

The highlight of our day was most certainly Matthias’s Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet, complete with a wonderful Italian dinner, awards, recognition for Popcorn sales (2nd place for Matthias!!) and an incredible guest speaker.  The first disabled man to ever climb Mount Everest!!  What an inspiration for the boys, and all of us!

In the late afternoon we had our ever-lovely Monday’s With Mary, teatime and discussed and prayed to Our Lady of Lourdes, and worked on our grottoes, boys all played outside, so Violet and I really enjoyed working together on it 🙂


Back on track, good morning start with a chat about St. Paul Miki at breakfast, quick kitchen clean up and ready for table time.

  • Everyone, prayers and asked for Apostles intercession;  Matthias has decided that St. Peter will be his confirmation Saint name, very sweet!  Seamus now says his sign of the cross in Latin most mornings 🙂

On to Math:

  • Violet and I worked through Percents, Decimal and Fractions with the Hundreds Flat and tens/units rods.  She really caught on to this well and the hands-on is making a HUGE difference for both her and Matthias!!
  • Matthias did a couple of pages in his Miquon, no sweat, still too easy, moved on to Mulitplication of single and double digits.
  • Seamus colored, then H/W practice "L"
  • Sean-Paul played with his duplos!!  Each time he makes a tower (of any size) he has to walk around the table to show each of us separately, too cute!


  • Violet and I went through her lesson on 2nd declension (oyvey!) and when will she ever use this???  Keep the pace, she got it, am not sure I did 😉
  • Matthias worked through the 2nd page of his lesson very slowly, I finally had him go upstairs to have some prayer time and an attitude adjustment, …deep breath Mama
  • Seamus and I read some pages of Here We Go (Seton), then Sean-Paul picked Ask Mr. Bear, and then Seamus picked Ferdinand.  We a fun story time together.

Poetry:  Everyone recited!

Snacktime:  Apples and Peanut-butter yogurt dip and RA- Our Island Story, this one just keeps getting better and better!!

Violet and Seamus up to read LHP, then outdoor time before lunch for he and Sean-Paul.

Matthias read a chapter in his Book of Sanctity; Noah, and then he and I looked over his Cub Scouts book, getting ready for new chapters and badges to earn. 

Violet did her Flower Fairies copywork, and then worked some on her Little Flowers NB.

Lunch and nap for Mr. bigMore read-aloud time for Seamus with Violet (he’s totally loving this time and the LHP books) Matthias reading St. Dominic. Computer time for MOI!

Boys had Orchestra video and then outside for walkie-talkie play!  Violet worked a little more on the grotto, and then up for her structured reading time.

Lots more outdoor playtime and a calm Cocoa Tea Time with a Parables from Nature Chapter RA!!

Potstickers, Veggie Stir-fry and rice for dinner, Violet’s got ballet as well!


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