Wednesday – No Piano – Jan 31st

Matthias not feeling too well, Seamus very tired today, slept poorly, bad dreams, etc.

Feast of St. John Bosco:  Prayers and Saints reading.  They loved that he juggled and put on puppet shows (note that for later this afternoon, depending on moods)

  • Violet made a page for her Saints NB.

I got Violet and Matthias working together to sort and count all of our Cuisenaire Rods so we could try the Decanomial.  They managed to get through almost all of row 4, but we don’t have nearly enough of all the colors, so I’m off to try and order singles online with not much luck, hmm…

  • Violet began "autobiography" outline page for Sammantha (her current fav AG character), she wants to do this for Grammar (OK, sure!)
  • Latin CD – Agnus Dei, she’s got it down already, recited aloud for us
  • Read some of St. Therese during quiet time, narrated to me while I researched Montessori Math downloads/printouts – discovered my new favorite site (Note to self:  write about this on main blog)
  • Matthias reviewed Latin and Spelling with me, then went to his room to read St. Dominic and narrated beautifully to all of us at lunchtime!
  • He and I found new Math Multiplication site, TIMEZattack!  A free downloadable computer game for practicing facts, it’s pretty good!
  • Seamus started with Planet Blaster addition facts, then did a shadow match at Blues Clues
  • Read aloud Make Way For Ducklings with/ me
  • Sean-Paul sat for about 10 minutes with me this morning for Bunny’s Noisy Book (We LOVE this one!) and then Little Baa
  • Played with Fruit Cutting with Seamus a bit

Snack time was Cinnamon Swirl Toast and D’Anjou pears, yum!!  Read Aloud Ch. of Our Island Story; King Harold

Seamus doing remarkably well for not sleeping much last night, worked on LSFLF with Violet and I, he really wants to do his own *spelling*, which I keep reminding his is really learnig how to read 😉  Five minutes later he was on the floor again playing with Sean-Paul!!

Lunch was , hmm, I don’t remember, I know it was healthy…

Laundry and Food TV during nap, computer time for Violet, then me and for the rest of the afternoon I worked on downloading Montessosri materials and laminating Math facts cards!!


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