Thursday – Feast of St. Brigid of Ireland!

Wow!  It’s February already!  Feast of St. Brigid, what a lovely Saint!

Seamus not feeling well, starting to com down with the cold, pooh!  Matthias also feeling poor, but, thankfully Violet pretty much over it.

Light day…

Short morning of:

  • Prayers
  • Read Aloud from Celtic Heritage Saints, St. Brigid, "Mary of the Gael"
  • Read Aloud Saint Brigid’s Cloak
  • Everyone made St. Brigid’s Crosses with their color choice of "pipe cleaners"
  • Violet made a beautiful Glitter picture surrounding a St. Brigid holy card
  • Seamus colored, worked on sounding out short "a" words, "name game" from LSFLF
  • Went upstairs to watch Curious George DVD with Matthias
  • Violet read her Bible History, Prodigal Son

Snack time was blueberry bagels, then lunch right around the corner.  Tomato soup for Sean-Paul, then down for his nap while Violet read aloud to Seamus in his room several stories from The Complete Book of Beatrix Potter Stories

  • Matthias read The First Olympics in Story of the World, said he’d narrate to me later and zipped to the computer to do TIMEZattack, our new discovery for Multiplication tables, then, up to his room listening to Narnia
  • Seamus and I watched Cooking shows and I folded a few baskets and booted several successive loads in w & d
  • Little boys wanted to play in the sandbox after nap/snack, but it was pretty cold, brrr, windy too, maybe snows coming our way too!
  • Managed a yummy hot mexican cocoa break with a Ch. of Our Island Story
  • Kids all went to play hide & seek, even Sean-Paul, short-lived as I’m at the computer, so here he is 🙂  Now they are dancing to the keyboard (chocolate rush, no doubt)

Tidied up kitchen for dinner prep, dh is home late from out of town meeting, try to feed kids early and tuck them in with a little Sound of Music movie before bedtime!


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