Tuesday – Jan 30th

Violet feeling much better today, hooray, and so far no one else has come down with it, I think this is the end of it, let’s pray!

We began by reviewing the beginning’s of our Marian Scrapbook and both Violet and Matthias wanted to begin with doing the prayer copywork.  Matthias will do the Memorare, and Violet will do the Litany!

Seamus worked in his Alex coloring book, while Sean-Paul slid and I put together the Phases of the Moon accordian book for Seamus’s lapbook!

Violet didn’t get very far with the Litany and decided to put it away til later, moved on:

  • Math:  Area & Perimeter
  • Little Flowers NB pages, finishing up some on St. Monica, we discussed and compared hope & patience


  • Copied the Memorare, took all morning, but he did a splendid job

Seamus: after getting into Sean-Paul’s sliding program one too many times, I sent him to his room for:

  • building with his cherry tree blocks, crane and log loader and listening to his First Bible Stories on CD (short lived, back down again)
  • now outside to play in the sandbox, back in after 10 minutes or less
  • sat down to read one of the Bob books with him (these are just OK), next we read from the Seton Primer he liked that alot better.  Now I’m off to laminate the Phonics Pathways vowel cards so we can get this boy learning to read!!
  • cut out a color copy of the Owl in Owl Lake, set aside for lapbook, then took up the scrap paper basket and made some piles of paper cuttings

Snack time we had carmel dip with three different sliced apples, while I read aloud the Ch. on Edward the Confessor in Our Island Story, Violet and Matthias narrated back.

Lunch came not long after, tomato soup and crustinis, Violet and I cleaned up, sent everyone to read: Violet reading aloud to Seamus from Little House in the Big Woods (he loves it!), Matthias worked on St. Dominic and the Rosary, while I  did some blogging and researched Montessori math ideas for Matthias…

Folded laundry while Seamus watched The Very Hungry Caterpillar DVD, then we had a nice Teatime upon Sean-Paul’s waking with our reading of A Winter’s Tale from the Lamb Shakespeare book, almost finished it.  It’s a good one and everyone seemed to really like it, even Seamus!

Will miss Ballet tonight as Violet isn’t quite up to par enough for her class, I will not miss the drop-off pick-up 😉


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