Monday – Jan 29 – Violet sick today!

Our poor Violet is not well today.  She caught "the cold" over the weekend and yesterday was pretty miserable with a sore throat and headache 😦  She’s having a light day today as we try to cheer her up and make her feel better.  After breakfast she retired to her room with a stack of Ancient Greek picture books, her Spelling, Latin CD and some hot tea.  Our Lady of Good Remedy, Pray for my Violet! 

We all had prayers together and recalled The Memorare.

Sean-Paul kept asking to go to the park and slide, so I cleaned up our little tykes outdoor slide and brought it in on the gymnastics mat for him in the hallway, and tell me WHY haven’t I done this SOONER, he was in heaven ALL morning!!!

Matthias did very poorly on his math lesson, as in he didn’t do it.  Saxon is not really working for him.  It takes him SO LONG to do a page of very rote functions that he really has no trouble with mechanically, he just doesn’t enjoy it.  Too much repetition and review.  I have even cut his work load to about a quarter of what the text calls for and even squeaking out one or two problems is an eternity.  Maybe it’s just because it’s MONDAY???  Off to look for alternatives…

  • Fortunately he recovered quickly when I gave him his reading and he happily whipped though a story in Book of Sanctity and narrated it to me.
  • Recited part of his poem
  • Made a geography NB page for "BAY"
  • 1/2 hour of piano practice
  • Spelling – new lesson, sent him to look up one of his words on
  • Managed 10 minutes of Math-U-See drills, all functions


  • started with H/W practice, letter J
  • worked with the new Rainforest Cube Puzzles we picked up at the Zoo on friday, he did almost all 6 puzzles by himself!
  • next moved to coloring with his "pip-squeaks"
  • read What Makes a Shadow with me, talked about his shadow and how special it is!
  • worked on his Owl Lacing Card, then asked for ALL the lacing cards and did a frog

Time for lunch, leftovers and sandwiches, daddy joined us today!

Matthias read from the James Herriot Treasury to Seamus and then read a page for his Space NB in the Visual Encyclopedia of Science, what an awesome book!! 

Playtime for the boys, and naptime for baby while Violet and I checked out the cooking shows on Food Network 🙂

It’s Monday with Mary today, and that’s our afternoon!!


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