Friday – Zoo Day!

Yes, we’re off to the Zoo today for Owl observations and just to have fun in our beautiful Sunny Crispy winter weather we’re having, it has truly been a delightful and mild winter for us here so far, and a real joy compared to our previous locale!!

Breakfast was liesurely, I made Crepes and tidied the kitchen.  Garbage day (check).

Kids all worked on a coloring page from for this Sunday’s Mass readings.  We pre-read the Gospel and readings and had a lovely discussion.

Violet and Matthias both did their Latin with their CD’s upstairs, and then I drilled a few tricky spelling words for each of the from the week. 

Matthias worked on his multiplication tables with the 100’s board and Violet did yet another page in her Area/Perimeter book.

Seamus colored and played then did a quick turn with the "Egg Sound Shakers".  Afterwards he sorted pony beads with tweezers.

Then it was time to go!!   

Dinner tonight is Tomato-Basil Baked Fish!!


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