Thurdsay Jan 25th Conversion of St. Paul

A super day, in all sorts of the word!!  Started our morning with a lively reading from The Golden Children’s Bible of Saul and his Conversion to Paul, the Apostle.  I then told everyone that they would have plenty of time after our morning learning to build forts and re-enact Saul’s Conversion in the Bonus room, cheers from all!

  • Everyone narrated and made NB pages.  Seamus too!!
  • Violet revisited her Area & Perimeter book, she’s whipping through this one.
  • Matthias plugged away at his Miquon like a snail, ugh!
  • Seamus colored more.  He loves his little "pip-squeak" markers we found at Office Depot, LOL!
  • Sean-Paul’s new thing is jumping on the couch, sigh…
  • Violet went up to do her Latin review on CD, then she neatly copied out the Agnus Dei and has begun to set it to memory!
  • Matthias forgot about Latin today, but did his Spelling quiz with Violet after I’d given one to her.

(We did say the Table Blessing at lunch in Latin after our usual Angelus, then all said the sign of the cross in Latin too, even Seamus can do it!!)

  • Matthias finished his Moon phases NB page.
  • Grammar for Violet, writing your own autobiography from ILL (outline today, tomorrow draft)

Let’s see…I’m a little fuzzy on the details today as Sean-Paul had me awake from 4am to around 6:30am when I was finally able to go back to sleep with him.  Sleep deprivation always seems to come at that special time of the month 😦

Well, since I can’t remember what else came before lunch, oh wait, yes, I read aloud to everyone Jean Craighead George’s One Day in the Woods.  Then we ate leftovers for lunch and I again read aloud from The Children’s Homer!

  • Violet finished up with another Bird Field Guide card, the Song Sparrow as she just read Moon of the Winter Bird last night, so this was a pseudo-narration for her.

After that it was fort time and St. Paul.  We’ll make a Book and Sword Cake for his Feast and finished the day taking Violet to ballet and a stop at the library for holds pick up!!

Turkey Pot Pie for dinner tonight!

Update:  Didn’t ever manage to cake, alas, but I did get a glorious 30 minutes at the library tout seul before I picked Violet up from dance, ah, what a few minutes without all the racket can do for a person sometimes is truly heaven. 


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