Piano Day!

Wednesday being Piano Day is always a quick morning and then re-group after a late lunch and resuming where we left off for some of the afternoon.  Of course all anyone ever really wants to do is play and go to their rooms to read or what not, so I don’t stress too much academics for this time of the day.  We actually accomplished much in te am so the rest of the day was pretty smooth and relaxed!  I’m so glad I got dinner in the crock this morning as well, so no worries about the 4 O’clock issue 🙂

So here’s the rundown: After morning prayer and reading about St. Francis de Sales…

Violet:  Area and Perimeter for Math, she figured out one of the more difficult ones by herself and was so pleased, as I was!

Latin review with the CD in her room

Spelling quizes together with Matthias, they like to do this, works for me too!

Grammar: had her write about her current favorite AG doll (we’re going to explore doing some more historical writings of each of the characters and start a NB for this, her idea!!)

Afternoon:  Read and wrote narration summary from Kingfisher Encyclopedia of History; Judea

Matthias:  Miquon Purple book, 1 pg. Planet Blaster Multiplication facts online, great!

Latin reviewed with me. good, recited portion of Table Blessing

Spelling with Violet

Piano practice to warm up for lesson

Afternoon:  Drew and Colored a Moon Phase page for his Science NB

Seamus:  Planet Blaster addition facts online numbers 1-15

Helped me with his "Owl" lacing card we’re making.  We took his Alex colored picture, glued it to cardstock, laminated it and then punched holes fors the lacing, very cute (pics at main blog)

Completed the title page of his Phases of the Moon book by printing (so very nicely) his name, and the words Moon Book on the card.  Now we’re ready to put it together for the lapbook!

He completed his morning by coloring anothe page in the ever famous Alex book (this will be a hit for quite a while, no doubt)!

Afternoon:  Yet, more coloring in the Alex book, drew and colored a silver moon on his color copied Owls poem page from Eric Carles Animals Animals!

Sean-Paul:  Building with Duplo’s, too cute, he loves these finally!!

ME:  Note to self:  Order MORE books for Violet for independent reading!!  I just can’t keep up with her voracious reading, it’s amazing!

Also: order books for Orchestra Unit!

RA from The Children’s Homer at lunch and finished up our afternoon with a great nature walk as our weather is just fantastic today, is Spring around the corner….pining here!


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