Tuesday Jan 23rd

Off to a good start this morning, until Sean-Paul decided to climb once again onto the kitchen table and knock off a juice glass, BANG!!  Shattered all over the floor…well I guess this is someone’s way of telling me I really needed to sweep and vacuum this morning, sigh.

Began with usual morning prayers, Apostles prayer and talked briefly about the life of St. Idlefonsus.

Matthias and Violet jumped right to their Saxon this morning, Matthias a little sketchey on his multiplication tables, review and drill nec.  Viole worked on angles.

Seamus worked with his "Playful Patterns" a wonderful foam set of pattern blocks I’ve had from Discovery Toys for ages!!  He really enjoyed them.  Then he finished his last two "Phases of the moon" cards for his booklet and colored another page in his Alex book.

Matthias read aloud to Seamus from the James Herriot’s Treasury, so sweet, they loved it, Sean-Paul snuck into his biggest brother’s lap to listen too, that’s what I love about hsing!!  After, Matthias made a picture for his narration.

Geography:  Two new nomenclature cards for Seamus, Violet made her own, Matthias didn’t get around to it.

Latin:  2nd lesson page for both, Violet and I discussed the absence of  the "articles" ‘the’ and ‘a’ in Latin, good review of our own grammar.  Matthias recited first line of the table Blessing.

Grammar:  Violet re-worked her lesson/composition from yesterday’s ILL assignment, beautiful job!

Spelling:  Why are they doing these workbooks, they are both such excellent spellers, well, they do love them.  Should I expect it, or merely suggest it?? Hmm…

Lunchtime brought leftovers and great RA time from Our Island Story, we LOVE this!!  King Canute, and King Edmund!  The kids all ran off to play Kings and set up a Little People playground for Sean-Paul to play with upon his waking from naptime!!  Violet is perfecting her American Girl hairstyles and taking pics for her blog.  So cute and she’s quite creative!!

Off to Cub Scouts, and then to Ballet, yummy Greek Salad for dinner tonight!


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