Monday, Jan 22nd

Another week has begun!  Whew, they seem to be running together these days!

A bit of  a slow start:

Violet:  Math; Saxon new lesson, line segments-good

Latin; new lesson

Spelling; new lesson, no unknown words

Grammar; ILL, composition, fine

Nature study; two more bird cards-Black-capped Chickadee, Sawhet Owl

Matthias:  Miquon; 2 pgs.

Latin; new lesson

Spelling; new lesson, spelling math fun

Grammar; PLL:  picture study and composition writing-good

Nature study; one new bird card-Ruby-Throated Hummingbird

Seamus: Good Morning!!

Alex coloring book, 1st page, an Owl!!  Colored with markers.

Paper cutting with decorative scissors, made nice neat piles, sorted by color

Read The Moon Book w/ Me, then worked so hard for the rest of the morning on his "Phases of the Moon" circle book for his Owl Moon lapbook.  He’s getting so patient and able to really work on something when he’s interested!!

Everyone listened to Winter Holiday and then 2 ch’s of Our Island Story during Sean-Paul’s nap.

Monday With Mary time after lunch, beautiful.  This is working out so nicely, and so far the kids love it! Yeah!!


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