Good day!  Began with usual morning prayers and then read about St. Margaret of Hungary, interesting!

Violet was up early, yeah, had her morning tea with her prayer book, breakfast and then she cruised through her morning work!

Latin with CD, Religion naration & NB page (Biffi, Apostles Creed), Grammar (SWAV) L 24 compared two pictures wrote a story, Spelling good *acquire*, Science/Nature Study; worked on Screech Owl Field Guide card, written narration, independent reading; Augustine, St. Therese, and My Side of the Mtn.

Matthias:  Online Math drill X’s 1-10, Miquon 1 page, Latin- reviewed with me, grammar PLL L30 mini-compostion, Spelling quiz 100%, Religion-Read page in Religion FYC 3, discussed with me, Science/Nature Study; Mtn. Blue Bird Field Guide card, written narration, independent reading; St. Dominic and the Rosary.  Good day for Matthias!!

Seamus:  Rods Stair & Snap Cube work, H/W letter I, Watercolored picture of the forest in Owl Moon (so cute!) Looked at all Owl books then read them all with me after Baby went down for nap!!  What a treat to read ith just him, no interupios!  Legos with Matthias for the remander of the afternoon.

RA from The Children’s Homer at snack-time:  Apples & Carrots with Cream Cheese Dip, YUM!

Violet to ballet, quick library stop for more Owl books, home for yummy Chicken Stroganoff and French Green Beans! 


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