Friday: Quick Day!

Yeah, it’s Friday, always our Quick Day!!


Math-Investigation 3 in Saxon 6/5, great job!!  Fractions and %, Quick spelling, helped me with laminating Mysteries of the Rosary Cards, played with Sean-Paul while I gave Matthias his Latin test, went over this past week’s writing assignments and corrected grammatical errors, polished them up a bit, Violet is a great writer!! 

Matthias:  Miquon 1 pg, Latin Test, reviewed "derivatives", Lego-time with Seamus

Seamus:  Worked with his Faces Matching Game, Watched Owl Moon video (he loves this one) Played with Sean-Paul, then Legos with Matthias

Lunch-time Gospel Reflections and discussion, went well, kids are excited about recieving the new Magnifikid!! 

Kids cleaned out my car, emptied trash, cleaned up after lunch and waited for Violet’s friend to be dropped off, we’ll take her home on the way to ballet tonight!

Good Day, good week, yeah weekend!!


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