Tuesday & Wednesday (Jan 16-17)



Latin – discussed "personal" verb endings, and "case" noun endings.

Math – Area and Perimeter in "From Here to There" she really likes these workbooks from the Key To Series!


Religion – Bible History Timeline page: Good Samaritan, narration and pic

Grammar – not agreeable ;(

Poetry – recited 1st two stanzas of The Yew Tree Fairy


Math – Drilled 9X table, Saxon Mental math warm-up & L 47, random problems thru #12

Latin – Copied Doxology and decorated for NB

Poetry – recited 1st two stanzas "Brothers & Sisters" by Lewis Carroll

Religion – Ten Commandments  2nd, read and narrated from Religion FYC #
Piano practice 30 minutes and then some computer time


Watched Owl Moon video and gave me a darling narrationand drawing for his lapbook, H/W practice letter H,drew pics, New Train track building project with Matthias and some computer time – math drills

Note to self:  Order Magnifikid subscription

WEDNESDAY(piano lesson day)

Saint Anthony Abbot:  all listened to story and then all narrated and decorated a page for their Saint’s NB’s

Geography Fun!  Listened to the first two pages of Geography from A to Z:  made nomenclature cards for Archipelago and Atoll, then created their own geographical shapes of these with modeling clay, VERY FUN!!

Violet:  online math drills all multiplication & division (numerals 0-9), Latin review with CD, independent reading: St. Therese and the Roses, Spelling quiz – missed "acquire"

Matthias:  independent reading from his Cardinal 3 and NB picture, Spelling quiz 100%, online math drills, multipication & division (all numerals 0-9)

Seamus:  Handwriting practice, worked more with modeling clay after our geography fun,

(Piano lesson at noon)

Lunch upon our return, new King mattress delivery, clean up and resumed

Matthias:  Latin review with Violet, Read Story of the World about Greek Alphabet, narrated and copied the symbols of the alphabet

Violet:  History reading:  Alexander the Great, written narration page, narration for St. Therese, read Augustine in car at piano almost finished!  Worked on poetry memorization

Seamus:  Read Owl Moon with me, talked about where the story took place and the beautiful shadows the author put on the first page 🙂 Playtime and found some new math game sites to try!

Whew, good and busy days, but we’re certainly back in the swing!! 


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