Monday, A Holiday…Sort Of…

Well, it is indeed a holiday for most, although we’re not taking off school as we just got rolling again!!  We’ve started our Monday’s With Mary and the kids LOVE it!  Violet has a birthday party today so our morning was fairly short, but meanigful:

Talked about our new Marian Monday devotions and will work on our Candle this afternoon upon Violet’s return from the party.

New Latin lessons for both Violet and Matthias

Read Bunny’s Noisy Book to Seamus and Sean-Paul, various truck books and Go Dogs Go for Seamus to practice recognizing words with the letter G.

Seamus worked on his letter practice, cutting and pasting from Ranger Rick looking for words that start with the letter G.

Violet balking a little with her math, ugh!!  Matthias worked at a snails pace through his math. (Mondays!)

Lunch and off to the party!

UPDATE:  Violet gave me the best narration of Mara, Daughter of the Nile in the car on the way to the birthday party!!  She really enjoyed this book!!


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