Tuesday & Wednesday

It’s hard to come off what has seemed like a perpetual celebration and get back into our previous schedule without having it seem like it’s a bit lacking or common.  I have this great love of living out our Liturgical year with pretty high standards so when it comes to Ordinary Time it’s hard not to feel like it’s just so, well, ordinary, sigh.  But there is a reason the church year is laid out as such and now it’s time to get back to the grind.  Monday went a little too well so the past two days have been a little harder.  Schooling with a toddler is most frustrating at times.  It’s clear to me that some days are just not going to go as planned no matter how hard I try.  We’re going to have to capitalize more on Sean-Paul’s naptime which means I’m going to have to sacrifice computer time.  Hmm…never enough time in a day!  At least that’s not time I’m wasting.  Alas, here’s the last few days:


Violet:  Latina Christiana I Review 1st 5 lessons,  Grammar; Stories With a View "Daisies", Saxon Math 6/5 lesson 28, Spelling, Ballet after Cub Scouts

Matthias:  Prima Latina Review lesson 10, Saxon Math 5/4 on computer and some mixed practice, Piano practice, Spelling, Read and Narrated from Seton Book of Sanctity, Cub Scouts

Seamus:  Cut pictures from Leaflet Magazine and made an Epiphany collage, played with his new wood trucks, puzzles, worked with rubber-bands and geo-board


Violet:  Started with Math and finished yesterdays lesson, Latin Review, Flower fairies copywork, Begin St. Therese and the Roses, narrated 1st chapter, Spelling Quiz, Structured Reading in car at piano:  Augustine

Matthias:  Miquon 3 pages, Latin Review, Spelling Quiz, Religion-Started Ten Commandments NB pages, Grammar-PLL lesson 24 copywork, Noon Piano lesson

Seamus:  Montessori Math-worked with his ‘teens’ number cards, rods and unit cubes, Listened to Owl Moon, talked about Owls briefly and our new unit!  Months of the year cards-matching

Sean-Paul: Lots of playtime o the floor, learning his shapes puzzle


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