Great day!

Kids zipped through their morning lessons joyfully!!

Violet:  Flower Fairies copywork and will memorize Christmas Fairy poem (her choice), Saxon 6/5 lesson 29 worked through w/mommy easily, Spelling Quiz 100% done for week! Latin Review with mommy excellent, recited all Latin prayers beautifully! Religion-finished Bible History timeline page: Good Smaritain, Grammar- ILL Correct Use of Words, Listened to Owl Moon, made Snow Owl Field Guide Card,  Narrated Julie of the Wolves which she finished recently on Audio

Matthias:  Miquon 1 page, Religion-prayer book page, Spelling Quiz 100% also done for week!  Piano practice 1/2 hour, Listened to Owl Moon, made Great Horned Owl Field Guide card, beginning Light at Tern Rock for Independent reading this week.

Seamus:  Worked with Paper cutting and pasted "house" picture, showed Sean-Paul how to work with Nuts and Bolts wood toys, Listened to Owl Moon and made Great Horned Owl color copies to tape together for life-size tri-fold picture for lapbook-he labeled with marker!

After lunch and Sean-Paul’s nap Seamus played and shoveled snow as we got about an inch overnight!   Came in for homemade hot cocoa and read aloud of Owl Lake with everyone else!!

Ballet tonight and the grocery store!  Hope my dear sweetie had a good day too 🙂


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