Nov 13-17th, 2006

Monday:  Woke up late as we had guests for dinner last night.  What a fun time we all had, except my lasagne was a flop, boo-hoo ;(  Alas, kids jumped to it and we had a pretty well rounded day.  Did a yummy Crock Beef Stew from the ever-reliable Saving Dinner.  Our chore rountine is shaping up nicely also and we’re keeping the house up better than usual, an added bonus as I’m at my wits end with housework, but just can’t seem to hire it out, LOL!

Tuesday:  See our Grab Bag Day!  It was awesome, and I see a nice trend here!

Wednesday:  Quick morning of piano practice, math, a little history and science.  Letters and words with Seamus, he’s really into practicing writing his letters right now!  Then we headed off to piano lesson for Matthias.  Violet and Seamus played at a nearby park and we watched a few squirrels in action burying their nuts and scampering about!   I still haven’t been able to work on my Homekeeping Binder – maybe this afternoon.  Library stop on the way home for more great Thanksgiving picture books, Aack, it’s next week!!  We’re staying home and it will be pretty low key and quiet, which is fine!  I suppose I better get my act together a make a grocery list!

Thursday and Friday:  Back to regular schedules today and lots of outside play in our beautiful late Autumn weather.  I’m really pleased with how well Violet is doing with her Latina Christiana program and Matthias is really doing great with the Prima Latina.  I’m so glad I didn’t push him into it before 3rd grade as it’s a perfect fit for him now and he’s enjoying it too!!  These days were filled with Much Feasting and Celebrating, so that’s a wrap for us this week!!


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