Catching Up: A Few Weeks of Learning Notes

Well, since we went on our little sojourn for Matthias’s birthday, I have been shamefully neglecting my learning notes posts, please forgive me and here is what we’ve been up to for the past month:

Mon. 9/26:  Mondays seem to be the toughest day of the week especially when our weekend’s are busy, so the past few Monday’s have been a bit slow to start, although not unproductive.  These kinds of mornings are tough for me as my "drill sergeant" nature tells me to "crack the whip" when everyone just wants to mess around.  ( In Violet’s defense, it’s usually just the boys.)  Matthias will barely squeak through math sometimes and then I direct him to the piano to focus and regroup while I work with the others.  Violet has been doing very well with her Math 6/5 and has almost finished the fractions book!  After piano practice Matthias made a very beautiful drawing for his Space NB of the earth, sun and moon.  Meanwhile Violet managed  a lovely page of copywork for her Flower Fairies copybook, read several picture books from our Tree/Autumn books basket and then we had lunch.  Baby napped before lunch today which was a little tricky, but he enjoyed some nice music time with Matthias and his Baby Bach DVD so I could read aloud Fire truck books to Seamus.  Seamus also worked on his wooden letters and made two pics, one of the sun and one with glitter glue.  Violet and I did her first page in her new Science NB and Matthias narrated about asteroids.  The rest of the day was outside play and an easy dinner as daddy was gone overnight!

The rest of Sept and October have been kind of a whirlwind, but our schedule is nicely flowing with a few outside activities and much learning going on throughout most days.  It’s hard to believe that Autumn is quickly slipping by and Thanksgiving will be upon us before we know it.

We have truly enjoyed celebrating the lovely Autumn Saints Feasts as well as the Holy days we just started with here in November.  For those of you who keep up with my main blog I do apologize for the lack on entries here, there’s just only so much posting one can do with a toddler on the loose most of the time!  God Bless his little busy self 🙂

So here we are in November, let’s see how it goes…


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