We’re Off To A Good Start!

It’s hard to believe Fall is upon us as we wrap up our 1st month of learning.  We had a lovely summer settling in to our new neighborhood and home and feel like we’re finally ready to dig in!  I am really enjoying the Mater Amabilis curriculum I chose for the older two and with Seamus and his baby brother we are loving exploring all things Montessori, and then some!  So here is our last week in review to kind of round things up and see where we’ve come in our first month:

Monday:  Started a little late, around 9:30 and managed to whip through some great math for Violet and Matthias using the Base Ten Number Cubes.  They really like using these to work their figures even though it takes a little longer, it makes it more fun and enjoyable, so why not?  Seamus is working with Cuisinaire rods right now and learning how to match snap-cubes to his rod-stair.  This is great for adding or subtracting one to numbers 0-9.  Read-Aloud from The Golden Goblet and had some excellent outdoor time building fairy houses and digging for clay!

Tuesday:  This could have been considered a "perfect day":  First thing in the morning I asked everyone to bring their sketchbooks outside and to notice "What’s special outside this morning?"What  sights, sounds, smells, etc do you notice, and then went back in to finish coloring our pictures and everybody shared theirs!  Then we had more Math Cube fun.  From there we went to the kitchen for some Art Appreciation time, shared some poetry and listened to some of our Lingua Angelica Latin CD (so beautiful).  After lunch we played some grammar games where I had the older two write down all the words they could think of for the acronym W.O.R.D.S. (I know kind of silly) but they had fun doing it and I want them to use their list to write a poem or story this next week!  Seamus worked so well with his HWT chalk slate and is really enjoying making his letters.  I can’t wait for him to use the wood block letters I just ordered from them.  We also reviewed and love a new geography book we got from the library called Material World, recommended by Kim at Starry Sky Ranch, it’s a good one.  Then we worked on our Geography nomenclature sheets for the  boy we read about in Children Just Like Me, he lives in the Altiplano.  Another hat-tip to Kim for the great printout for this activity.  We ended our day by having a nice tea-time with a Shakespeare reading and some animal crackers before heading off to Violet’s ballet class!  Pretty close to pefect, and I had dinner ready by the time daddy came home with the little dancer!

Wednesday:  Matthias has piano at noon on W’s so our morning has to move pretty quick.  Got Matthias set up on the computer to start his new Saxon 5/4 math DVD and Violet worked on her Fraction book with Cuisinaire rods.  Seamus played with Sean-Paul mostly, we zipped through Latin and had to get out the door. Sometimes I don’t know where the morning goes ;o

Thursday:  Feast of the Holy Cross and Mass at 12:15, so another quick morning.  The kids enjoyed doing the art activity from Seton’s Art 2 FYC.  We had nice discussion time about the Feast day and worked through a little Math, Grammar and Religion.  After Mass we had Read aloud from The Golden Goblet and outside time.  Ballet and Golf today and Crock-pot for dinner.

Friday was spent doing what we so enjoy, creating something beautiful for Our Lady as it was the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.  Covered all the basics as well and had a lovely dinner with the HM, cake and all!

Not a bad week and I feel like we’re on  a good rhythm, if only we could start by nine at the latest!  Thanks for stopping in!

2 thoughts on “We’re Off To A Good Start!

  1. I second Jennifer’s comment above. I love reading how families do homeschool, the nitty gritty as you say. I will be reading closely to glean ideas for my preschool child. Thanks-your blog, like many others, really makes the homeschool experience less bewildering.

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