A Light Week

Already another week in review here on the learning notes.  This has been a "light" week for us academically.  Certainly not spiritually as we are of course celebrating this week of Our Risen Lord and enjoying the readings that accompany the Resurrection.  The older two and even Seamus my now 4 yo is really absorbing the life of Jesus and it’s such a pleasure to walk them through the bible and encourage their wonder and good works that trickle down.

We thought we had a great house, but it’s not to be, sigh…we’ve decided on a rental and although it’s going to be quite a sacrifice in yard space, we hope to build sooner and not be obligated to heavy house payments. 

Temps have reached 65 this week so it truly feels like Spring during the day.  The kids have enjoyed several outdoor picnic lunches and tons of baseball games and skateboading, scootering, and swinging.  Violet loves to take her books up into the playhouse and read!!  I love that! I think I’ll join her!

Hope you all have had a blessed Easter week as well. 


One thought on “A Light Week

  1. >>>thought we had a great house, but it’s not to be, sigh
    I am so sorry to read this. We had quite a few ups and down before finding this house. I hope this is your last disappointment.

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