A Hunting We Will Go…

Oh, A Hunting We Will Go, A Hunting We Wil Go…Hi-Ho the Dario, A Hunting We Will Go!!!

Well, Sweetness and the Gang have been away doing more house hunting and we think we’ve finally found the ONE that’s going to work!!!  Yippee Skippee! 

Our pre-Easter week in review:

Monday of Holy Week we celebrated Matthias’s baptismal anniversary and mainly did our new Saxon Math which is going great, we love it and I imagine the kids will be ready for the next level by Fall! Oh and Violet had ballet class!

Tuesday of Holy Week a cleaning and laundry day as we had an appt with a moving company, all the miscellaneous stuff that goes along with that.

Wednesday of Holy Week was a regular school day with lots of outside playtime as the weather was favorable.

Holy Thursday was a wonderful day and we had a nice Last Supper style dinner.

Good Friday was the highlight of the week as we prepared for and celebrated with our Solemn Lenten Tea #2 put together by the most talented and creative Alice!  (More at Sweetness and Light)

Holy Saturday was another cleaning and preparation day and then we attended the lovely Easter Vigil Mass at our parish.

Easter Sunday we awoke to the cheerful voices of little dear children that have just discovered their filled Easter baskets!  A lovely quiet family day with SNOW!! but a quick bike ride was taken before the weather turned inclement, then we celebrated with our beautiful Easter dinner with ALL the works! 

We Are So Blessed!  Happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “A Hunting We Will Go…

  1. I am so glad you had a happy week and thrilled beyond words that you all enjoyed the Lenten Tea.
    I was hoping to post the plans for the Easter Tea tonight, but I’m getting sleepy! It may need to wait for tomorrow.

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