Week in Review

We had a super week all around.  Lots of outdoor time, except for one really wierd snow day, but it melted by noon and then it was back out to play and explore again!!  Our neck of the woods is slowly coming to life in the form of Spring and we’re enjoying all the bird activity.  (Note to self:  post kids poetry on main blog)

We received our new Saxon math (I love how fast Sonlight delivers and the 10% discount is nice too!!) and the kids were so excited to jump right in. I was a little unprepared (gasp) but we managed through a few of the first lessons and I know they will all do great!  Seamus feels like such a big boy now with his very own math book!!  That was worth it’s price in gold right there. 

Busy day today as Matthias has his "secular" 1st Communion class today and we haven’t done our home work, ack!  Home schoolers are so lazy, right?  I am taking his beautiful 1st Communion notebook with us today so he can show the Parish life director, she’s going to love it!!

Still celebrating daddy’s birthday throughout the weekend, kids have surprised him with something new every morning!  Happy weekend!


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