Finally A Spring Day!

We finally are having some real Spring weather with temperatures above 40 degrees!!  The kids are so excited not to have to battle the snow and can ride their bikes, scooters and rollerblades without the fear (mommy’s) of skidding out on the ice, yeah!!

The robins are here by the hundreds, as well as the red-winged blackbirds, house finches and starlings. It’s been fun watching them flitting and fluttering about, I’m expecting some "bird-like" Spring poetry from the older two this afternoon!!

I’m excited for our new math programs to arrive as the Principal and I decided on Saxon (with lots of good advice from dear A. <wink>).  We’ve been doing the great online drills from Math-U-See and they love those too!!  We’ll keep at the Miquon until they are finished as well because they seem to really develop the mental math skills quite well.

We had a lovely early tea today as Violet resumes her ballet class today and the boys are back outside again riding round the loop!

Ahh, glorious Spring, thank you for making your appearance at long last!

Got Violet’s embroidered quilt squares all framed over the weekend in the lovely calico fabrics she and I picked out a couple of weeks ago, it’s going to be so pretty.  Hoping to work on the striping in between and put it all together before her birthday in 3 weeks!!  Pictures, don’t forget the pictures!


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