Our Day After The Big Day

I awoke to cheerful sounds of the dc playing some of Seamus’s new First Games from Magic Cabin.  And now that the birthday celebrations are somewhat quieting down, we did some real learning today, aka school!!  We actually got more done than I expected and since Seamus has some fun new things to play with, and loves to have the older two to join him, there was a nice mix of school and play or real learning all morning!

Seamus:  Played with his new soft dough from Magic Cabin and the dough tools creating many things including but not limited to:  skateboard ramp, tractor marks, tunnel, and waterslide with a jump!  Made a mosaic with Mosaic Mysteries.  Painted with his new tempera paints.  We read one of his new picture books, Lyle, Lyle Crocodile.  Now he’s doing his new vehicles puzzles with Matthias!

Matthias practiced his new and old pieces from his piano lesson yesterday. Played with the soft dough with Seamus.  Did a Miquon math page and two Math-U-See online drills with multiple functions.  He also did a lovely drawing of our featured object lesson for this week, a birds nest with quail eggs. Oh and made a list of some signs Spring.  He’s now doing his grammar and spelling and then it’s off to play with Seamus and the new Playmobil Rock Castle!!

Violet has worked very hard on her spelling and definitions we printed out from dictionary.com (I love this site!)  She enjoys making up her own sentences from the definitions.  She also did an excellent drawing of the nest and listed her signs of Spring complete with drawing of our resident red fox whose coat is in it’s transisiton phase.  She recited her Latin prayers and completed her Math and did two online Math-U-See drills, multiplication & division. 

Note to Self:  I ordered the Math-U-See preview DVD to check out, I’m really thinking of switching…need to check out the 4real board on Math programs.

Since we missed Tea Time this week as we traveled AGAIN to look for property/rentals, we will have it this afternoon and read Alice in Wonderland!  Have a pot roast in the secret weapon so I’ll have most of the rest of the day to write, read and maybe a little knitting or quilting with Violet! I might check out some house plans online too, oh the possibilities…


2 thoughts on “Our Day After The Big Day

  1. What a lovely day you had! And this blog is so pretty…I love the colors! We are big fans of Math-U-See here, Meredith. But in our past few years of using it, I did not know they have online drills. I will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  2. If you have any questions about Math U See please email me (go to my blogger profile and click on the link).
    For my older son I used the old Introduction (old Kindergarten level), then Foundations (the old 3 year program of grades 1-3) which he finished this year (grade 3). Due to being stuck on some memorization of addition facts Steve Demme (creator of MUS) suggested I run him quickly through the new “Alpha” (grade 1) which took no time at all for him, now he is on “Beta” (the new 2nd grade) and is half way through that. He will be starting “Gamma” (new grade 3) before we break for the summer, I am sure.
    My younger son went through Introduction (old Kindergarten), through Alpha (new first grade) and is now on Beta (new second grade). He is aged 5.5 and is technically in Kindergarten right now.
    Since I’ve worked with MUS for 4 years now with two different children I’d be happy to answer your questions!
    BTW their ‘new’ materials are definately better organized than the ‘old’ versions, and I am very happy with them.

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