Ready, Set, Go!

It’s going to be a busy day today getting ready for our long-awaited trip to Disneyland.  This will be our third time going.  The kids are so excited!  Seamus is especially excited to be such a big boy now, and will really know what’s going on, although he will surely be a little tentative with some of it, as it is overwhelming for most.

I love theses lines:

Sweet recreation barred, what doth ensue but moody and dull melancholy, kinsman to grim and comfortless despair; and at their heels, a huge infectious troop of pale distemperatures and foes to life.  ~Shakespeare~

Better yet, and would have surely put an end to Shakespeares melancholy:

Recreation is not being idle; it is easing the wearied part by change of occupation.  To re-create strength, rest.  To create mind, repose.  To re-create cheerfulness, hope in God, or change object of one’s attention to some more elevated and worthy thought.  ~Simmons~

This is certainly more of what I have in mind for our sojourn.  May St. Christopher guide us in our travels as if he were carrying our Lord, pray for us!


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