Good Day So Far For Lack of Sleep

Seamus doing much better today, I think he’s missing grandpa.  Can’t blame him, we had such an awesome time with him!  He drew a beautiful colored pencil drawing of the Aurora Borealis, good job Seamus!

Didn’t get much sleep last night, Sean-Paul snacked most of the night, probably a growth spurt now that he’s way over his virus, praise be to God!  My mind seems to be going a million miles an hour, writing stuff!  Can’t seem to turn it off…

Looks like we might be leaving for DL on Thursday, kids are excited.

Got dh’s blog up and running, it’s awesome, now for the readership.

Violet worked extra hard on her spelling & dictionary definitions today, she was glad she stuck to it.

Matthias is a whiz at math, no surprise, need to ramp it up for him, I’m going to get him Abeka I think, he seems to want to do the same as Violet and he’ll probably scream right through the 2 book.


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